Monday, October 3, 2011

Yup. Cupcakes.

My friend invited me back to make cupcakes for her a second time!  I sure had fun with them!  She gave me poetic license, so I tried my hand at fondant.  Although they sure looked cute, her girls called it "fondue" and told the guests they could pull it off!  (Oops!)

These cupcakes were chocolate covered cherry - two way - per request of the 5 year-old birthday girl.  Yum!

This design, engineered originally by Sweetopolita, was a 'blonde' version with white girardhelli chocolate chunks sharing a presence with cherries in the white cake, topped with girardhelli white chocolate frosting.  I used sour cherries candies for the "cherry on top."

The devil's food cake showed off dark chocolate girardhelli chunks with chopped cherries inside.  The frosting was this fellow-St. Louisan's maraschino cherry buttercream recipe!  {And I don't even like soda anymore (since falling in love with icee mochas), but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying that Kool Kola extract she recommends here!}

Thanks, KF, for letting me try my hand at baking again!  ;)
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