Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lace. Mostly.

After 13 years of marriage, it is traditional to give lace.  Apparently.  Or in modern times, teddy bears, faux-fur hand warmers, or a rug. 

Instead, I'm giving a list.  (If you touch the screen, Honey, you can feeeeeeeeel the love...)

Here are the top 13 things I continue to love about this man:

1.  He puts his family first.  Mostly.
2.  He is handy around the house. 
3.  And with a car.  Mostly.
4.  He works hard and provides well for his family.  And I know this is stressful when he is, in fact, the soul provider.  Mostly.  ...OK, really he is.
5.  He is logical and thinks things through.  (OK, that's always.)
6.  He is a great father and willingly and often engages in 'tough conversations' with the kids.  And he stretches their minds with math and science and social studies...And he takes them Boy Scout camping.(Always.)
7.  He buys me icee mochas and brings them home to me.  Mostly.  (He tends to drink more 'sips' than he'll ever admit...)
8.  He is super handsome.  Mostly.  ;)
9.  And super healthy.  Mostly.  (if you don't count all the BK dbl stackers...)
10.  And fit.  (I'll give him that one.)
11.  He appreciates my work and my arts.  Mostly.
12.  He is hilarious and makes me laugh daily.  Always.
13.  and 13 years ago, when things could have gone another way (we dated for 4 years, people), he chose me!  (Mostly?)

I love you, Babe.  Can't believe it's been 13 years!  Thank you for giving me a great life (mostly) and an awesome trip today that we totally enjoyed...and a new inside joke that we (mostly) can laugh about.  You're the best! 

(Beats hand warmers, doesn't it?)

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