Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finding God ... when you're four

Ask Sara what she wants to be when she grows up and she answers, "God."

Ask her why she wants to be God when she grows up and she quips easily, "Because He can do anything."

This past weekend, our friend stopped by to interview Sara for a college class project.  Prior to the visit, Katelyn read her little sister a book about a tree named Steve.  Then CJ came, asked Sara to draw a picture and name her own tree.  She named it "No Name."  (She was a little squirrelly with our recent no-naps-on-weekends policy we've adopted for her!)  The two then went outside under a tree and talked.  Sara took pictures on the point and shoot cam.

Afterwards, CJ commented that the purest part of her interaction with Sara came when she'd asked, "Where does the tree come from?"

Sara answered, "God."

Tonite, Sara accompanied me to Tommy's violin lesson.  On our way home, I began to recount the activities remaining on our plate for the evening - one of which is a running group through our church called "Run for God."  Sara calls it "God's on the Run."  (I think that's a nod to Katelyn's Girls on the Run 5K experience last spring.)  Lo and behold, the clouds in the sky resembled giant footprints, so everytime Sara said, "God's on the Run!" Tommy would yell, "Boom!  Boom!  Boom!" like God's feet were landing on the skyceiling one by one.  Ooooooooh how that made Sara laugh and laugh and laugh. 

This went on the entire way home, "God's on the Run!" ... "Boom!  Boom!  Boom!"  ... *Laugh*"

Such a wonderful moment to remember from  my two little reds.  I sure do love em to bits.
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