Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Say

I say: Isn't this little guy cute? He's my nephew. I call him 'Roo.

I say: Sun is Good. The rain and the clouds have disappeared - at least for today. And that, to me, is a very good thing.

I say: I am arguably living the best days of my life right now. When before or again in my life will I have the luxury of staying home of an afternoon while the baby naps and the other kids are at school? This is my time. I can do what I want. Be lazy. Be productive. Relax. Stress. I can eat lunch in. I can eat lunch out. I can watch TV. I can run four miles. I can nap. I can clean. It's all about me for a few hours each day. Here's to actually doing something great with this time in my life.

I say: You all put me in a quandry over the bedroom makeover. 75% of my respondents said they like the other comforter from the one I (and my two real life friends) like the best. I mean, I already have a comforter that looks like choice A, so it would be no $$ out of my pocket, ya know? (Except for the oddly not-matching dust ruffle in the photo, which would cost about the amount of the new - complete - bed set to make, plus the particular chocolate/cream homespun plaid that I am looking for, specifically, doesn't exist in the city of St. Louis...I know, after traveling to countless fabric and craft stores throughout our area...)
I say: Scrap the whole Choice A and Choice B concepts and shoot straight for Choice C - which is "Something Else Entirely." Back to square one: Boring Master Bedroom:

I say: Now what do I do? I've begun painting my bed as seen in Choice A. Oops. Guess I'll be forced to do Something now! (Or just keep hiding it under the comforter, like me with my head in the sand.)

I say: Isn't this a gorgeous home? It resembles the one we're trying to buy. And still waiting to hear about. We increased our offer on Monday. We have up to two weeks left to hear from the mortgage company holding the title of the house whether our offer was accepted, or if another offer came in higher than ours. There are pros and cons both ways, so I'm just sitting around (sometimes literally, it's afternoon, after all) waiting for the sign to fall from the sky (and hit me on the head?) to let me know what we'll be doing in the future.

I say: Maybe that's my problem lately. I'm just waiting around. Waiting to see what's going to happen next. Waiting to start all the projects floating around in my head. Waiting.

I say: My head hurts. And I think I need a nap.

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