Thursday, April 23, 2009

Treasure Hunting

Saturday morning, J took the older three kids on a hike with his Boy Scout den while I planned to go grocery shopping with Sasha. I can't describe in nice words how much disdain I have for grocery shopping with the masses at noon on Saturday, so if I must go, I go early.

So early Saturday morning, I buckled Sash into her carseat in "Daddy's car!" and headed to the store. Soon, we came across a sign that read: Moving Sale. I thought about it about half a second, then I turned the car from its WalMart destination to its new direction - a sale! As we pulled up, I quickly realized the sale was in someone's house. I snatched Sasha from her carseat, took a deep breath, and said, "There's a first for everything!" and into the house we traipsed.

Moments later, we left empty handed.

I've frequented garage sales in the past. Particularly when our income was significantly less than it is today. We were new parents. Of twins. Single income. Garage sales seemed to be the right equation for finding decent, cheap baby clothes. I once happened upon the Mother Load of baby mania at a sale in West County. I live in South County. (It's totally a St. Louis thing. Where'd you go to high school? {also a St. Louis thing. I am not from St. Louis. Just so you know.} Back to my story...)

I'd never been inside someone's house for a sale before. But recently, many of my favorite bloggers have shared stories of fabulous finds at such unseemly locations as Good Will. Garage Sales. I actually took the kids to Good Will several weeks ago. They had a blast! It's not the place I would have thought. It was fun! I don't recommend taking anyone into the bathroom there, but the shopping was fun! And I bought one of my white dishes for my succulents there for a measly $3! So, when I saw the next sign on Saturday that said: SALE! we turned the car around again and tried once more to find unknown treasures. This time, we hit the mother load of estate sales!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on this, apparently, lengthy story!
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