Monday, April 27, 2009

Will You Cry

There are times when life flies by me so expressly it feels like I'm on the Monorail at Disney. Sometimes I allow it to fly by like this because stopping to smell the roses actually causes a piercing of my heart so strong and so severe that it strips my breath from my chest. Stopping causes me to realize that one day - too soon from now - this jaunty smile, where the corners turn up in just that way, will be affixed upon a grown man staring lovingly into the eyes of his beautiful bride instead of at his zealous mama bent on snapping Easter morning pictures.

And one day, this serious young man (with those amazing freckles)

will no longer desire to wear these cartoon underoos.

When T was little little I would lay down with him nightly to recap the adventures of that day. We would praise God for the glorious blessings and look forward to the following day with great anticipation. We reminisce even today about those moments together just a few short years ago.

One day, I hope to look back on my life with tears because I miss the times we once spent - not look back with tears because I missed the times we didn't spend.

I think it's time to climb back up the steps of that bunkbed.

Care to join me in unwrapping your Tuesday?
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