Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm in Love~I'm in Love~I'm in Love...

C'mon! You can hear the song, can'tcha?!

Remember the boring old drab yucky bedroom I showed you, like, last week or something? And remember the treasure I sort of started telling you about, like, last week or something? And remember how I insisted my husband give me a bedroom makeover for my birthday after reading this post from The Nester??


Well, I'm in love with my bedroom. For like the first time. EVER!!!
And sometime in the next few days (or so) I am going to reveal it to you! (I just have a few more dozen yards of fabric [or so] to purchase before it's close enough to being done to show you all!)

SO, stay tuned!!!

(Oh, and just to let you in on a little bit of the secret - I chose the bed set that you all recommended!!! Yay! Internet support ROCKS!)
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