Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the Big Box Goes to...

Pookie chases after a big box o' chocolates last Easter, 2010

Do you like Big Box stores?  You know - the ones that entice you with all the yummy samples and good deals when all you went in to get was their tasty organic salsa jumbo-sized and you walk out with 1/6th of your two week envelope budget floating in the wind.  So to speak.  I mean, I'm stocked good and plenty on all things red - Salsa.  Spaghetti sauce.  Ketchup.  But man-oh does it ever bother me that I'm left with only 4/5ths of my budget already.  (OK 3/5ths cuz we also stopped by Target and bought - necessities only - things we need.  Seriously ~ the 9 year-old needs socks that go past the arch of his foot - those belong on the 6 year-old foot by now.)  And it's the first day of this envelope.  Good gravy.  It's a good thing I can get creative in the kitchen.  Oh wait.  I can't.  *sigh*

Seriously, I am on a kick people.  This week I began reading Radical by David Platt.  Yeah, yeah, I know -If you know me in real life then you may be feeling like I'm a broken record.  But there is so much excess in this world.  I still have a giant storage locker full of stuff we don't even need after 6 months ... well, about 1-2 times per week the kids will ask for something and I'll start, 'Sorry guys.  I think it's in...' and they don't even need me to finish before they lament with a big giant chip on their under-excessified selves, "it's in storage  *big sigh, heave shoulders, the whole bit.* "

I love June from Bye Bye Pie (originally Bye Bye Buy - which I adore.  Sugar I won't denounce quite yet.  But she is crass and funny and real.  And usually I laugh outloud when I read her posts).  For an entire year, she and her husband did not buy more than what they needed.  Last night, Hubby and I decided to start contemplating whether there was anything we purchased that day that wasn't necessary.  I can't promise that I can go an entire year, but it certainly puts spending into perspective when you think, "Do I need this or want this?"  And "How wisely did I spend my money today?"  Ouch.

Now, tying all this together, I go back to the big box stores.  I can see the benefit of stocking up.  But man-oh it hurts to shell out the cash up front.  I almost wonder if it would be better for me to go buy a smaller bottle of ketchup (oh yes - it is an essential, believe me) for $3 than 3 ginormous ones fo $10.  What do you think?  Do you big box or not?
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