Sunday, February 5, 2012


Pookie's story and song have made it onto the hospital's website!  You can find it here.

We hope you'll also head over to iTunes and purchase The Space Between by Erin Bode.  It's a fabulously catchy song ~ with a great beat (Pookie's own heartbeat)!

Here is a link to the actual music video on YouTube!!

Finally, Monday, February 6th (Today!), our local NBC news has a special segment planned about Katelyn and the song at 10:00.  We can't wait to see it (commercials have been playing since Thursday)!  We've sure enjoyed the attention and certainly owe our friends at Children's Hospital a huge thanks for letting us be a part of this whole experience.  Ultimately, we pray God gets the glory.  He sure is giving us a great ride!
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