Wednesday, February 1, 2012

where I admit I gave up icee mochas for new year's

I never really shared my new year's resolution with the world ... you know, in case I embarrassingly failed myself.  But I am here to report that our entire family gave up going to Bread Co in January as a new year's resolution...which might not seem like a big deal until you figure somebody (and it wasn't always me!) went literally every day for most of 2011.  So, having admitted that shamefully here on the blog, I can now announce to you that we were ....*drum roll* .... successful!


John and I treated ourselves to a morning date at our local cafe this morning (it's a new month baby!) - and I must say, they were packed, so economically speaking, the restaurant chain has not gone under without us.  But we banked a serious amount of cash and are definitely reaping the benefits of it.

It is surprising - astonishing - and quite sad, actually, to consider how quickly eating out can add up.  And we had let it snowball totally out of control.  Even in spite of being pretty self-disciplined about cash flow.

So over a pumpkin muffie and a chocolate pastry (and let's just admit it - an icee mocha) this morning, the man and I agreed that Bread Co will continue to be a treat versus a staple through the month of February.

We'll all be better for it.  And Bread Co will continue doing just fine without us.  ;)
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