Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{Prayers for Peru}

At Christmastime, a gentleman came and spoke to our church congregation about his life in Africa growing up.  He shared tales of an abusive father and malnutrition, of running away and finding Jesus.  He is now a world traveler and passionate voice for Compassion International.

As a result of his story, Katelyn decided to ask a few of her friends to join her in sponsoring a 10 year-old girl from Peru through Compassion International.

We told her she would need to come up with the money on her own, so she and her friends met one Saturday afternoon and agreed to bake and sell cupcakes under the auspices of {Prayers for Peru}.

We made sample cakes and distributed them with order forms to a couple different locations.  After one week of collecting orders, they had 25 boxes of cupcakes sold!

Katelyn and her friends met this weekend for the ultimate cupcake bake-a-thon!  We showed them how to "gut" the insides of a vanilla bean to unleash all that rich yumminess. 

We talked about how to measure flour and sugar accurately for our baking to be successful.

 And we swirled and swirled and swirled buttercream frosting until their hands cramped ;). 

Yesterday morning, the girls delivered their cupcakes to their clients, and they are receiving rave reviews.  I am super proud of the energy these girls gave to this project, how excited they were to not only get together but also to learn about and help a little girl in Peru who doesn't have all the extravagances we have here.  And above all, I love each one of them for their compassionate hearts.

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