Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The kids enjoyed a super fun assembly at school on Friday! 

The St. Louis area ShowMe Jumpers came to show off their amazing skills with jump ropes!  The photo above shows two giant ropes being twirled from four corners while two young athletes simultaneously jump over both ropes!  The girls waiting in the foreground soon jumped into the spiderweb of big ropes with their own small ropes and jumped all three at the same time...and one girl even jumped through a hula hoop while jumping through those two giant ropes...I mean, it was crazy cool, energetic, and fun to watch! 

I couldn't jump twice with one rope let alone to an entire funky song with aaaaall those ropes going at the same time!  WoW!

And due to some unfortunate events that ended up bringing Dad home from his business trip early, we were both able to see the kids do a spectacular job introducing the ShowMe Jumpers to their school and giving this talented group a bundle of jump ropes for schools in Joplin.

We are super proud of our kids!  And duly impressed by the kids' skills from ShowMe Jumpers!  If you are in the St. Louis area, you HAVE to get these guys to come to your school's Jump Rope for Heart event, too!  The whole school was PUMPED to kick off their fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association!  Meiners and Pookie received free jump ropes for being Ambassadors for the AHA, and Meinie came straight home to start perfecting his rope tricks.

Please remember, if you aren't sponsoring someone already, all four of our kids are standing by jumping to accept your donation for healthier hearts!  Go here if you have a heart for this effort like we do!
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