Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it's just too easy to forget

Last week Meiners spent a day at home with Sashi and me since he woke up with a fever and some achiness.  Of course, by 10:00 he felt like a super hero ... or maybe he just acted like one as he leaped from couch to coffee table to fireplace hearth to beanbag to couch again.  In a single bound.

But later as he and Sashi sat at the counter giggling and mostly ignoring their lunches, I stood back and marveled at how quickly I'd forgotten what a help he used to be with her before he left us for school full day.  They were bosom buddies, best friends, she was his sidekick and he her mentor.  I loved their relationship back then.  I still do, but I see its evolution.  She's peskier with him now.  Has her own opinion and doesn't cater to his every whim as she used to.  He still adores her and wants her undivided love and attention.  Sometimes, nowadays though, she scoffs at his attempts to kiss her lips or hug her or his desire to lead her.

Then again, sometimes she just adores him back and all is still well with the world.

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