Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this little cultural mecca of the midwest

Friday night we went to the St. Louis Art Museum to see Claude Monet's Agapanthus Triptych.  For the first time in 30 years, our art museum - in conjunction with the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City and The Cleveland Museum of Art - have brought together three enormous pieces of art that Monet originally planned to display at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris.  He changed his mind, however, and the three pieces (Agapanthus, Water Lilies, and Harmony in Blue) were brought to the US, and eventually sold separately to the three art museums.

The kids have a pretty cool art teacher who taught them all about Monet in first grade.  (How spectacular is that?!)  So as soon as I heard this exhibit would be here, I began to plan to take the kids.  Add to the consideration that the art museum promised free tickets on Fridays, and we were a solid, "We'll be there!"  We actually tried to go over Winter Break but those free tickets were sold out!  Instead, we made arrangements to go with the grands in the new year and we made a whole night of it.  So fun!

one of my favorite pieces in the whole museum - "St. Peter's Cathedral."  The kids LOVE how the perspective changes as you walk by...Me Too!  The girls enjoyed walking past with Grandpa!

"Smiling Girl with Obscene Object" - gotta love art!  (FYI, the obscene object is a naked man!)  Don't you love Pookie's studious expression next to Grammie??  She is really taking in that piece!
Grandma with Sashi
two handsome art oficionados!
his fave of the evening

this was the kids' most favorite part of the actual exhibit by far ~ making their own digital Monet masterpieces
Of course, taking photos in the special exhibit was a big no-no, but we snapped a few of our favorite pieces in the actual museum itself before we toured Monet with our iPod tour.  Afterwards, we scarfed down a whole lotta pizza at Imo's and called ourselves culturated, marveling how fortunate we are to live here in St. Louis where we have so many opportunities like these to teach our kids about the world beyond here.

Such a fun family night!
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