Monday, January 30, 2012

Tears ~ A Dramatic Reading

Saturday night we sent the kids to bed at 8:30.   A pretty standard bedtime routine unfolded.  Sashi went to bed and immediately fell asleep.  The boys went to bed and giggled a few minutes then fell fast asleep.  Pooks went to bed and came out half a dozen times complaining about being hot, thirsty, and sweaty. 

Two hours later, John uncovered the reason for her discomfort.  She had carefully burrowed herself under her heavy comforter away from parental eyes in order to score a couple of free hours quietly playing her DS.  She vehemently begged him not to tell Mom.  Oh he told all right.  We are still debating a variety of torture practices an appropriate punishment for the crime, but we started by taking away her new helicopter (the self-prescribed "best Christmas present EH-vah" per Katelyn)...and letting her brothers fly it whenever they want.  Oh the horror.

To commemorate the event, John spontaneously ad-libbed a funny poem about her predicament.  Then set the boys to dramatically acting out the story ... videotaped the entire escapade and uploaded it to YouTube (like all good parental figures).

Without further adieu, my boys in Tears ~ A Dramatic Reading...

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