Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The boys are thick in the throws of basketball season.

I am super proud of both of them this year --- going all out on the court, showing up to do their best both at practice and on game day.  I remember not only participating in intramural basketball as a kid, but also those copious games as a spectator/pep-bando through junior high and high school.  Basketball is my favorite sport to watch, and how much more fun is it when my kids are out there scrambling for the ball?!

Meiners is a cat on the court.  He's here, he's there, he's got the ball, he's dribbling it down and shooting for two...He's always been an athlete, and he plays hard.  Always.

T played in an intramural league at his school before basketball season started this year.  We were sure proud of him for giving that a shot!  Once the season started, he earnestly went all out during his first game, snagging a loose ball from flying out of bounds at the last minute...and...unfortunately, is now spending three weeks looking like this:

That would be a Salter II fracture across the growth plate of the middle phalanx on the fifth digit.  Yeah.  It sounds like it hurts, doesn't it?  But it hasn't stopped his spirit - he's been showing up to practice and on game days with that same dazzling smile to cheer on his team.  He's been such a great sport about it...even though I know it's getting boring when he really wants to get out there and play!

We sure do love basketball around here!  And I sure do love my boys!
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