Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping with a 4 year-old

Sashi is an entrepreneur.  Her favorite playtime activity is "shopping."  This is when she arranges things in her room is such a way as to make it look a little boutique-y and then invites me in to "shop."  She's the store owner.  I get to play various types of customers.  (She doesn't appreciate the crabby teenager who's always on the phone.  She does tend to like the cowgirl from Texas, but she mostly asks for the mom lately...)

Before Christmas, she used our coffee table as her register, sliding items across the top and providing a tell-tale "beep" verbally.  About half-way through December, however, she began to confide in me, er I mean her customer, that she would be receiving a new cash register from Santa.  I always oohed and aaahed over the consideration but encouraged her to keep the coffee table one since it was such a unique antique.

Anyway, lo and behold Christmas morning, Santa came through.  He brought her a talking cash register that scans, adds, identifies coins, accepts debit cards, and even offers discounts to repeat customers (no lie).  She was in heaven!

Now, "shopping" has reached an entirely new level.  We go almost every day.  And when we don't go, I get told.  And made to promise that we will go tomorrow.

It is definitely one of those quirky play time routines that I want to remember because it is so endearing.  And will change before I know it.

Cherishing these days.
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