Monday, January 23, 2012


I went through my laundry basket of loose photos recently to locate the handful of pictures I took during Meiners' open heart surgery.  Sashi helped me sort, and boy was I super excited when she actually found one amidst the piles of photos cascading across the living room floor!  I may have squealed and told her to "keep looking!!!" so intensely that she got a little scared.  Poor thing!  But she did, indeed, find about three photos.

In the melee of memories that morning, I also came across an old, unadorned chipboard, spiral-bound photo album that really made me pause.  As I soaked in the pages of the book, I remembered when I had attempted a Project 365 of our daily lives.  I made it about 6 weeks, documenting the special, the mundane, the little things that made me smile and the big things that made me sad early in 2008.  As I created this hand-held little gem of memorabelia, I began to transition toward blogging.  And doing both seemed redundant.  So I gave up the tangible and replaced it with the digital world of capturing memories.

Over the course of the last four years, I've contemplated my niche in blogging, watched newbie bloggers like myself back then turn their blogs into careers, and let life sometimes overcome the blogging (appropriately so, since I am a mother first).  I've also strongly debated with myself over which medium is better - tangible scrapbooking or the computerized world of blogging.  Looking through this scrapbook truly made me realize, though, how much I am heart wrenchingly forgetting memories because I am not keeping up with any sort of memory keeping.  I have the world's worst memory bank in my head.  I literally can forget the point of a sentence before I reach the end of it.  I am bound to forget my life in this time if I don't get it in writing.  With photos.

One way or the other.

You may have noticed I've been posting a lot lately.  It's because we have a lot going on around here and I want to remember it.  I want to remember how Sashi reads Jingle twice every night now - just the same way reading the pages of that photo album reminded me how Meiners used to play Minutemen every day in the living room at the same age.  How we used to make 1/2 pancakes for half birthdays and cookies on rainy days (what happened to those 'traditions?!' ... I hate to say it, but I think I forgot about them!).

So there you go.  I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.  Provided I can keep up ;)!
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