Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Won the Game?

Sunday afternoon we hosted our annual family football gathering for The Super Bowl!  I guess the Giants played the Patriots or something like that.  There was a lot of talk about Eli Manning and Tom Brady, anyway.  And Madonna.

The thing about our family is we are serious about something.  And that something is Super Bowl commercials.  We tend to stop everything we are doing on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the advertiser's pitch!

LOL - but more important than any car, drink, or H&M underwear commercial on TV Super Bowl Sunday is the FOOD!

Anytime our family gets together, it is over food.  There are lots of great things to be said about connecting with family over a meal (loved this book on the topic) ... but I'm sure a table full of appetizers and snacks suffices just as well!  :)

And regardless of what's on the plate or what's on TV, it's always just more fun with family...

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