Sunday, June 8, 2008

All Partied Out

This is me tonite.

It's been a fun weekend packed with friends and family.

We ate. We Wii'd. We swam. We partied. It was exhausting.
Here are some of the food funs from today:

I love the latest issue of Martha Stewart's Every Day Food. I followed the summer picnic menu down to the tasty coconut pineapple loaf cake --- and I thought the whole meal was scrumptious (and all prepared in advance - no last minute craziness. WooHoo!). And, yes, my puppies, in the end, look a, well. Lop-sided. Or something. But, that's what you get at 3AM. I did try to plan ahead this time. And that's what I get for trying to plan ahead...3AM.

Nevertheless, fun was had by all, I'd say:

Everybody Wii's

Grandma gets Grandpa

And all to celebrate the birth one year ago of this little cutie.

Missed my mom. She's off to Sunny South Dakota (is that actually true?!?!...maybe flat South Dakota...except she's in the Black Hills. Which would be hilly.) for a mission trip. Love ya, Mom!

~The Roost'er

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