Tuesday, June 17, 2008


OK. So the endless nights of decorating cakes has taken its toll. That and VBS and Babuloo at the library and swimming with friends and bathtime and dinnertime and bedtime and AAAAAAAAACK.

I'm tired.

But, I'm not as tired as my SIL. Tonite she's delivering her first baby. Oh Lordy. I don't envy that tired. That exhaustion. Those next eight weeks.


Well. Except for the mother's love of that first baby. When you kiss them from head to toe and can't imagine ever getting upset with her over anything. Ever.

HA! That goes away. I mean the never getting upset with them thing. Lawsie I can get frustrated with the little loves of my life.

And then I drop three of them off at VBS (the first time they've all 3 been away at the same time) and I feel the saddest kind of sad. The realization that they're growing up (already). What happened to my time with them? (And people. This is just VBS. I pity the first day of school. Graduation. Marriage. Their babies.)

YIKES! I need a nap.

So, Good Luck 'Mother Earth.' My heart pitter patters tonite for sheer excitement over your new road. Travel it Well. As I know you will.

And God Bless all the tired folks out there.
~The Roost'er
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