Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Evolution of a Blog Post

Ladies (and One Gentleman),

I am so excited to write to you tonite! As my day unfolded, I contemplated the stories I would share with you this evening. As I drove home from a meeting tonite, however, I opted out of blogging. Exhaustion had set in. But I'd promised myself to try something. And try I did. And I just think it is darn cute. And I have to show it to you.

But, before that. Let me tell you about how absent minded I am. Literally losing brain cells by the day my children age. Yesterday, I withdrew money from the ATM to purchase Princess Pookie pompons from the fundraising table at her camp. I received change. I really did. Ask me where it is now. Go ahead. I dare you. Well, it's definitely NOT at the parking lot of the high school. It's definitely NOT in my cool new Bermuda shorts (I rarely shop for myself --- I am thrilled with my new outfit...but, I digress. I was talking about something, wasn't I? ... ... ) Oh yes. It's definitely NOT anywhere I might have foraged about for the last 24 hours, kicking myself with every failed attempt to find it. Now, lest my husband decide to read this little post, don't worry. It wasn't a LOT of money, Honey. It was just the principle of thing, really. Because this morning I misplaced my van keys RIGHT after having them in my hot little hand as I tried to get Pookie to PomPon Camp on time (like that's ever gonna happen). And just before that, I couldn't find my shoes. And I had to search the house to find the PomPonner (is that a word?) a pair of clean socks.


My van smells. Because my child left a water bottle in her backpack open and leaking upside down and it's like the Tropic of Cancer in our garage right now with all this rain and hot air. And my bathroom stinks because there's a towel in there that really needs to find the washing machine. But I can't find the washing machine because I have soooooo much laundry to do. It literally can't be found.

So, my help came. The boys spent the night with Grammie. God love Grammies and Grandmas. I seriously sorted, washed, and folded (not quite put away yet...) 3 loads of towels. Two loads of red clothes (who has that many red clothes?!?!) A load of tan clothes. A load of Blues. A load of whites. I lost track. I'm not even done. See my Leaning Tour o' Clothes?

OK. I know you wouldn't post a picture of your laundry on-line. But come on. How many clothes can one family go through? God and I didn't talk about this when I petitioned Him for that fourth child. He never told me it was going to be this difficult.

So, for fun, I started baking again. Well, who wouldn't when Mom shows up with a copy of this cookbook for her favorite daughter (OK, admittedly, I'm her only daughter. Good thing.) Get a look at the Bitty Twin's new dog. Looks like something you could buy from the American Girl catalog, doesn't it?

Guess What! It's a cupcake!!! How cool am I?

Oh - and those little eyes and nose? Let me just tell you about a little ol' midwestern sunflower shop - in, you guessed it, the Sunflower State (Kansas, btw) - who received a phone order for two pounds of chocolate covered sunflower seeds yesterday and Mr. UPSman delivered them toDAY! Can we say, "I love fast delivery"??? And I can now say, "I *heart* chocolate covered sunflower seeds!" They make cool Westie eyeballs and noses. And they. are. YUMMY!

~The Roost'er
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