Monday, June 23, 2008

while i run

Maybe you drive. Maybe you shower (I do. Most days...Ever since my husband sniffed my hair when he arrived home from work and ... well ... he didn't make a handsome sound). Maybe you have time during the day where you just have time to think. And Be.

What do you think about? Are your thoughts pleasing to God? I thought about that tonite as I ran. I ran to our local high school's track, ran around it a few (read: 7) times, then ran home before it became dark and The Scaries came out.

First, let me address the running. I am so not a runner. We all know the type. They are slim. (I am not so much) They are healthy. (I am not so much) They are motivated. (I am not so much)...need I go on???

Now, while I was running around the track (and laughing at myself about how 'the 400' in high school was the longest distance I would ever try to go) I thought about my thoughts.

OK, first. Running (or 13.1 in general - read: 1/2 marathon) is my mid-life crisis. I do it because I needed focus. I needed a goal. I needed a life list that didn't include just laundry and phone calls to pay bills and to schedule maintenance visits (for the house. Not for me. Although, those go along with mid-life...)

Next. People. I see other runners on the track or along the sidewalk and I begin to compare myself (see above). She's faster than me. She's skinnier than me. She's not so much... HELLO! What am I doing?? God loves each and every one. Why am I better or worse than anyone running on this track? I'm not. God's Grace spills out for us all.

Moving on. Patience. I need it. I don't have it. My kids suffer for it. Good Heavens the Bible has a lot to say about patience. Well, that and anger. They sorta go together like sugar and cream. LaVerne and Shirley. (please tell me you know who that is...well, I know them from re-runs. I'm not that old. *wink*). Do you ever watch Jon & Kate Plus 8? I know, I know. My husband has no patience for Kate. But, I love that she has Bible verses plastered all over her kitchen cabinets and her walls. She's still a sinner. We all are. But I need constant reminders, too. The befallen looks of God's Boy means it's too late.

God is Good. All the Time. All the time. He is Good. He makes up for my inequities. I have loads of them. Lawsie I have a long life ahead of me (please, Lord, don't let me jinx myself!!!!). Cuz I have a lot to work on. He has a lot to work on in me.

I call The Baby 'a mess.' Here she is, being a mess with my husband:

Here she is being a mess with her big sister:

The Reality: I'm a mess. Let alone that little cream and sugar. She's a mama's girl. Me? I'm a daddy's girl. Abba's girl, that is. Abba, Father.

He's the only one that can help this thinker while she runs. Think about it. He can help you, too.

Praise God for that.

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