Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm laughing my Roost'er tail off again. Here's my ...let's just say hypothetically speaking, anyway ... 'my' story. It may have been a friend of mine who shared it with me, but the jury's out.

So, one day my friend (OK, it's me - the 'friend' thing is going to take too long to type over and over)/ I read an incredibly enlightening post on Emily's blog Chatting at the Sky. I don't really even know how I came upon her blog. No single solitary idea - I wish I did, actually. But, nonetheless, I decided to comment about how she is me. And I am freaky Friday (but she is not - I just am because I'm telling some complete stranger in some other part of the world that we were soul sisters. Certainly separated at birth - I'd always wanted to have a twin (my two oldest are so lucky!) or a sister (my two girls...well, OK, they're lucky and I'll get back to my story). I couldn't comment without creating an identity. The easiest computer-illiterate thing I could figure out how to do was create a blog for myself. I told my husband about it and I was off and rolling.

Within a short time, I had a comment. From Joe. OK, I thought. That's kind of cool - a comment. After-all, I felt comraderie with my new don't-even-know-her-in-real-life 'friend' Emily, so comments on my new blog were welcomed. But, how did he find my blog? When I Google my blog name - it does not show up. So. Weird. But, I'll take a comment.

Then, the next day, Joe comments again. Hmmm. OK. I get that he's checking my blog now. Interesting. But why? And, I failed to add that when you profile him, there is absolutely NO info on him. I already sort of found that suspect. So who was he? What, an ax murderer? He couldn't create a profile, right? What would he say about himself? Or maybe a kind of character who likes looking at pictures of my kids? OK. Not so cool. I shared with my husband that it was cool to have comments, but this guy was sort of buggin' me out. Soon, I had a comment from Suzie. And a comment retracted. Um, why would Joe retract a comment? Or anyone, for that matter, if it wasn't Joe? I'm starting to get a little concerned and I'm questioning this whole blogworld thing. But I received a comment from Emily. She made my week. What a dear person. She gave me encouragement. And I forged on with my photos and mindless blather that I share with - who knows who? (although I do track you via StatCounter...I don't know who you are, but I know what part of the country you hail from. It's kind of fun. Maybe if I knew what I was doing with the computer, I could find you...but I don't know if that's true.)

Time passed, and Joe fell by the wayside. I recalled his comment about not getting 'into' the craftier side of my blog and I just figured he'd found another blog to haunt.

That is, until this past Saturday. My husband and I were chatting away - him on his computer stuff and me on mine (I have computer stuff now - WooHoo! ... although, I also have piles of laundry and dirty floors and dark circles under my eyes. But I won't blame blogging. Certainly it must be some other evil.) And it was Saturday that my husband said, "There's something I have to tell you that I didn't think you were ready to hear until maybe now." He proceeded to share that he wanted to support my blog and encourage my spirits near the beginning. So. He. Created. Joe. And Suzie. Because Suzie was a girl and Joe was freaking me out.

I share this story because I just laughed and laughed and laughed. And now I have 3 comments! And none are from Joe. Or Suzie! Funny - almost anywhere I go, a real live person I know will share that they read my blog. (THANK YOU - I LOVE LOVE LOVE those comments!) But they don't computer comment. So, I added my saucy little button. And I'm among the cool. The hip. Those who fear not Joe.

Amen. And keep checking in. {and commenting :) }
~The Roost'er
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