Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Labor and Toil

After laboring for somewhere in the range of over 36 hours, my SIL gave birth to a boy! I thought my mother-in-law was joking when she called to tell me he was here - I was 100% convinced that he was a she all along. And, may I tell you, I have never been wrong in my guesses. Now, I have been wishy-washy at times when I can't tell for sure. But for this one, I was sure. And I was wrong.

And my dear sister-in-law and brother-in-law. What an ordeal for them. Their right of passage into parenthood was not a trip any of us relish (although the end result is lovely). But, taking it in stride, I believe BIL said: you make a plan and sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you've planned.
To that, I say,
"Welcome to Parenthood."

And while they toiled away at the hospital, I toiled away on a little project for them. And with the help of Mr. Computer (my husband) plus a few (OK, a LOT of) Google searches and YouTube tutorials (what did we do before Google?), I finally finished these newborn onesies:

~The Roost'er
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