Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am blogucated.
I are blogumacated.
I been blogumacated.

Just trying out a new word.

Blogucate: (v.) to learn something new on a blog.
Blogumacate: (v.) [slang] to be a redneck who learns something on a blog.

A Blogucated Conversation

Wife: Honey!
Husband: Yes, Dear?
Wife: I blogucated myself today.
Husband: That's nice, Dear.
Husband: Dear?
Wife: Yes, Honey?
Husband: How do I get this sand off the kids' feet from the archeology exhibit at the zoo today?
Wife: Lula says use baby powder, Honey!"
Husband: (pause) Dear?
Wife: Yes?
Husband: Who's Lula?

Blogumacated in the Midwest
a.k.a. A (follow-up) Conversation with Sheryl Crow

Me: Hi, Sheryl. It's me, The Roost'er
Sheryl: Get Out! Roost'er? I haven't heard from you in decades.
Me: Sure, Sheryl. Here's the deal. I couldn't get my kid to commune with polar bears today at the zoo...Until I told her she could use enough T.P. to keep her hand clean and we'd hire you to clean up our broken CFLs.

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