Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miss Pookie - Part 1

For quite a while now, my oldest daughter - the actress, the artist, the drama queen, the princess, the 6 year-old going on 16 year-old, the mini-me - has requested in her most nonchalant, undemanding, and polite way (yeah, right) that I write a post about her.

Tonite is her night.

Here's a photo of us girls:

If you're like us, photos where Mom's in it are just so much fun. It usually requires 2 more people - adults. One to take the photos and then Daddy to shake his head wildly and use various extra props in a variety of fight positions and fancy sound effects to elicit a smile from anyone in the photo besides Mommy. Oh. It's fun. For at least the first few minutes. Until Daddy starts to complain that he's suffering from a brain injury and everyone loses interest. But, alas.
That's a story for a different night.
Tonite, it's about Pookie.
I was 6 weeks pregnant when we discovered we were having twins. That's when our world turned upside down. I harbored the usual (I think) fears of the newly pregnant mom for about one week - then I had the fears of the mom with two babies in my belly from that moment forward. To make a lengthy story as brief as possible (maybe another day I'll elaborate more), everything went well enough until the babies were about two days old and the nurse wheeled in Pookie's bassinet for a feeding in the hospital. There was a yellow post-it note on the head of her plastic bed that said, "Check for possible heart murmur." I immediately questioned the nurse about this cryptic note, but she brushed aside my concern and, after crumpling up the little paper, threw it straight away into the trash. I guess I was not exactly surprised, then, when - on Day 4 - the doctors would not release her until after a cardiologist came to evaluate her heart.
Truly, it's too late to go further, so Lucky You! I'll make this story a multiparter. And Lucky Pookie! She'll be thrilled to be the topic of my blog post for more than one night!
Every one wins.
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