Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Using My God-Given Talents

I used to be "A Stamper." I say 'used to' because I've been working on a card for two kids' birthdays all week long, and I have no inspiration. If you're a stamper, you know one card and one week do not equate to good math. Now, in my defense, I have been busy. But, really, the other crafts that I have been busy finishing are bringing me more enjoyment than the stamping. And that's a first. I've created art using rubber stamps for a decade. I'll do it again, I'm sure. For now, I am having so much fun making these onesies:

I made a set for my new nephew in June. I just love the idea - enough that I made my 'baby' a set, too. I love the origami boxes with little matching note cards. Aren't these cute?! I'm mailing them off today.

But, Ladies, Gentlemen, I am not just for the babies. I, too, represent the women:

I think I slept in that shirt - it's pretty stinkin' wrinkled. But, great photography, right? That would be Pookie.

So, anywho. I'm off to make a set of these today and a set of these in preparation for the big party!


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