Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quirky Artist I Am

Quirky Me

Debbie from This is the Life recently asked her readers to post their quirky traits. Honestly, I think I can be fairly quirky, but like I get when asked to share a most embarrassing moment, my mind goes blank on the specifics. As the days have passed, nonetheless, I've recalled at least one of my notable quirks.

I think sharks live in the deep end of pools. Seriously. I took my kids swimming at my mom's pool just this week and had to look over my shoulder and swim very fast to get myself back into the safety of the shallow end. Of the indoor pool. Oh yes. And this picture of my friend Coley swimming in a pool with sharks does not help my pathology.

This fear correlates to my fear of the Boogey Man in the basement. I send the dog down before me every time. Every time.

And the Growing Pains Halloween episode I watched when I was a kid. That scared me enough I still recall the heart-wrenching fear that gripped me. Growing Pains. No lie.

I am a giant, quirky, scaredy cat.

Artsy Me

I have been working diligently on a gift for my FIL's birthday, and I finished it today! (OK, so his birthday was July 7th. Something about the overextending myself. I think I've touched on that recently.) But now I can share it with you! The baby photo is an example of the newborn pictures I snapped of my new little nephew. I'll post more of those later.


I took a 20x20" piece of birch plywood and cut a 6" hole in the center. I stained, painted light, then painted dark and sanded the wood for a distressed look. After searching the internet for countless hours, I printed a verse, cut it into pieces and embossed the letters onto the wood by drawing around each one with a pen.

Looking closely, you can see the embossed 'd' in the wood I am about to paint.

This is New Baby and a gift for his mama.

This is FIL's version - using an old photo of all the boys in The Man's family being very shortsy and svelte.

I plan to make one for the girls' room in cream, pink, green, and yellow. Stay tuned! Some day I will finish it and you'll get to see it here first! I make no promises when that will be. But I do promise it will be darn cute.

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