Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

Oh my. What a great day! I don't know what happened to me today, but I have officially accomplished more today than I have in the last year. (Well, fortunately, that's a slight exaggeration or my family would be in a LOT of trouble!)

But, walk with me along this path for a moment.
  • We went swimming.
  • I washed, folded, and the kids put away ALL our laundry (HELLO! - That never happens!)
  • We made cookies - from scratch.
  • They all bathed.
  • We picked up their bedrooms and vacuumed the whole house.
  • They cleaned up their toy room (the one NO ONE could enter it was so c.h.a.o.s.)
  • We played outside and went for a walk.
  • The kitchen sink is clean and so is the dishwasher (and so is the tub after the baby oops'ed in it tonite...another story for another day (or Not).
  • I ran 7 miles.
  • My husband is snoring. Loudly.
Can you say WOW?

I kissed each of the big kids tonite (I count 3 big kids here because even the 4 year-old thinks he's almost 7...) and told them how big they have gotten. The twins are taking showers now - which is SO much easier on my back - and all I have to do is wash their hair. And I asked them to take their piles of laundry to their rooms today to put them away --- and. they. did.

Oh my Holy Heckenlively. It's a new era. I like it. Yeah, yeah, I'm all weird about how they don't want baths and that means they're growing up, but then again - HEY! They're growing up!

Which brings me to the moths. Outside this morning, each of the 3 older kids gathered around a an unusual and unique looking bug. Come over, Mom, quick, and look at this bug! Isn't it unusual and unique? they asked. What kind of bug is it?

Well, guys. That's actually two moths.

Really, Mom? What are those two moths doing?

Well. Um. They are ... sleeping. That's it. They're sleeping.
I'm just not ready for the s-e-x talk, you know what I'm saying. Unlike some of our politicians, I just think Kindergarten (well, heading to First Grade) is too young to be hearing those sorts of things. But then again, I don't want to leave it to the school playground, either.

So when do you all have *those types* of talks - the toothfairy, Santa, the birds and the bees?
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