Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Sweet Spot

Blogging is better than therapy. Seriously. I have experienced such a difficult transition from being the mother of 3 to the mother of 4 children. Baby S came with a lot of fuss. Literally. Just a lot of fuss. Less than a month ago, I bought what I lovingly refer to as the MuMu wrap. You know, the gigantic length of fabric that can be wrapped a dozen different ways around you to hold a baby (up to 35 pounds!) in front, on the side, behind you, straight jacket-like, from a chandelier...OK, maybe not that last one (or two), but that wrap. I bought it because I couldn't put her down. Not for a second. I couldn't make dinner without her crying - no, screaming. I couldn't go to the bathroom without her screaming. I couldn't do ANYthing without her letting me know that she was VERY unhappy with my decision not to just keep her umbilically attached to me oh those 12 months ago.

For several months, I worried that she was lactose intolerant. There were about 3 glorious months that I recall her being sort of, well, happy. And those were three months that she took formula from a bottle. So I visited the doctor with Baby S just the other day and I said to our sweet, matronly, hispanic pediatrician that I thought Baby S had milk allergies. With great wisdom and a heavy accent, my babies' doctor asked, "Does she stop crying when you pick her up?" Well. Yes. "Then, Honey," she smiled in that My Babies' Hispanic Matronly Doctor way that she has, "Your baby is spoiled. Not lactose intolerant."

Well swallow two of those and call me in the morning. It was, in the words of Oprah, an "ah ha" moment. The choir of heavenly hosts sang hallelujah.

So, I just have to say to all my BlogMommy 'friends' - and I do call you friends, Thank You. It's better than journaling. It's better than Prozac. I log on at night and write about my laundry woes (and occasionally my triumphs) and I read your stories of struggle and victory and I realize I am not alone. I have real life friends and I love every one of them. And I have one very sweet friend who reads my blog somewhat religiously. You guys get the really-real stuff. The stuff it would take a therapist 4 months and kazillions of dollars to uncover. I am enjoying the journey now more than ever before. I've found the sweet spot of life. I can now say I enjoy being the mother of four. It has its ups, its downs, its trials and its challenges, but I'm loving it.

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