Friday, July 25, 2008

Backyard Olympics: The Planning Stage

I love to throw parties. For absolutely no reason. And sometimes, I just create a reason - my kids each have enjoyed 'just because' parties. The girls painted their nails and dressed up in our ginormous amounts of dress-up clothes. The boys built Thomas tracks aplenty on our deck and ate fire truck cake (thanks, Vonda!).

In a recent conversation with my friend Pam, I decided to throw a Backyard Olympics party, complete with Family Flags, judges with stop watches and whistles (thanks, Grandparents!), and loosely termed 'sports' (is eating ice cream considered an Olympic Event in China? It is in Our Backyard!)

So, for the entirety of this week, as I have attempted to document, at least in part, the struggles of Pookie's early life, I have diligently been scouring websites and magazines for decorations and ideas and ordering trinkets and medals galore. And Planning, Planning, Planning!

So, here's my quirkiness. I always tend to get in over my head with my parties. And I stay up late. RRReeeeeeeeeaaaal late to accomplish everything. Pretty much at the last minute, usually. (Remember birthday pupcakes at 3:00 A.M.??)

This time (I promise) I am planning ahead. And these lanterns will all be completed (with the kids' help!) by the end of the weekend so they will see a happy mama each morning - and not one taking a trip out for coffee before showering. At 3:00 P.M. Cuz, that's happened before. I'm just saying.

I promise to post pictures after the event! We have a week to go!
And since I'm rising at 5A.M. to run 11 miles, I'm hitting the sack tonite.

Upcoming posts to look forward to:

  • Newborn Photography
  • My Crafty Side
  • Meiners - the Story

I can't wait!

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