Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Don't Like to Cook: So Let's Have Dessert

Welcome to the first installment of

I Don't Like to Cook. Ever. So, What's for Dinner?

After spending 4 1/2 hours at the hospital this morning for my daughter's allergist/pulmonologist check-up, a trip to My Favorite Place to eat lunch, and a stop at a cute little retail shop, I was exhausted upon returning home late this afternoon. Our fridge is out (add that one to the list of phone calls hubby had to make, as The Man of the House). And I can't tell you the last time the kids had baths, so I knew I needed to throw that into our evening equation. All these variables led to the inevitable question:

What would we have for dinner that was fast, easy, edible, and, well, did I say fast?

Taking a cue from Pioneer Woman Cooks and Saucy Recipes, I decided to photojournal our evening meal. (Can I not recommend this if you are looking for fast...or easy...meal prep?)

Keeping in mind that we are down to our old, economy fridge in the basement, and we just happened to visit (according to Wall-E) the over-consumption capitol of the nation (Costco --- I LOVE Costco!) right before the good fridge went kapoot, we have abundant amounts of strawberries and blueberries to, well, consume. So, here goes:

Here's our cast of characters (minus the berries - they were still downstairs in the fridge, and I just refuse to make too many trips down there. Boogy Man and such.)

As always, I write in a stream of consciousness sort of way, so those graham cracker crusts up there? Those were so the strawberry-phobes (i.e. two of my sweeties) could make their own blueberry only finale.

First, bake your pie crust according to the package instructions (or, if you're Martha, make your own). Next, take four 1-oz. squares of Baker's White Chocolate and melt them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, stir, then repeat. Pour this yummy little bowl of goodness onto the crust and spread.

Next, go ahead and hull one pint of strawberries. Wanna know the absolute easiest way to do this?? Well, back in the day, when there were only two lovelies under my roof, I used to watch America's Test Kitchen. They recommended a 1/4 teaspoon! It works!

Slice those tasty morsels with your VERY necessary egg slicer from Pampered Chef (what am I, a veritable blog commercial??) and layer these over your chocolate.

Now, whisk 1 package of cream cheese with 3/4 cup of milk and a package of white chocolate pudding mix. (Our closest grocery didn't have this, but I sub'd 'cheesecake' flavor and it was Y.U.M.)

This divine mixture goes over the strawberries.

Now, in the real world, you're supposed to layer a bunch of blueberries over this, but evidently I thought we were in short supply of blueberries here at our house (you know - only like 5 pounds of the things), so I skipped this step. I'm sure it would be lovely to eat and even lovelier to photograph, but just use your imagination and we'll move on.

Top with whipped cream - and if you're fancy like I am, you can use that Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator and make your topping look like this:

Final view?

Oh. HA! My camera battery died uploading all these pictures, so you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to see the whole shebang - a healthy meal in minutes (if you consider, like we do, that fruit in the dessert means fruit in the gut and it counts towards one of your basic 4.)

See you tomorrow!

(I know you can't wait...)

Oh (again) here's the link to the real recipe!

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