Wednesday, August 20, 2008



That's pretty much all the foreign language I know. But, believe me, I use it. A lot.
OK, maybe not.

Nonetheless, WELCOME to my little corner of the world! I am so excited to have you all stop by! I've been preparing for a few days now, ever since returning from our recent trip. We were fortunate enough to travel to China with the kids!

Here Pookie, our oldest daughter, accepts an award after teaching Chinese to a group of Americans!

(OK. It's Epcot.)

After dominating in their respective Olympic events, the three older kids were fortunate enough to snap a photo alongside the now-legendary Michael Phelps.

Each of our children excels at sports. We're proud of 'em like that.

Here's Mr. T practicing one of his famous death-defying jumps. To think he just began training this month and only used the pool in his modest midwestern backyard. His Olympic story tugs at the heartstrings of so many mothers (well, his mother's, at least).

(*ding dong*) Oh, I'm so embarrassed. There's the doorbell. I thought everyone had already joined us. I'll be right back.

Well who do we have here -

Spidey found my wallet out on the lawn. One can never quite tell what I've got going on around here. It's a good thing I have a super hero in my midst to help tow the line. Ah, Spidey. Thanks for saving the day again! Come on in and sit with the guests!

We are surrounded by fame! And good fortune.

I never know what's going to happen. I choose to embrace the challenges, though there are many. We're home now, nevertheless, enjoying our Tropical Polar bears in our FREE zoo:

Chasing marathon dreams while gazing at the beautiful Clydesdales at the FREE Grant's Farm.

And loving the home of The Original:

I don't even need to travel to China.

St. Louis is Home Sweet Home.

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