Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Preparing for House Guests

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. (*Nervous hand wringing*)

I read a comment from Debbie today announcing that my beloved state is hosting a little blogger convention on Thursday the likes of which we haven't seen since TWA left town. Man oh man. Now I know what she means by "clean the house, get out the fine china, polish the bathroom commode, and light the candles to hide any unseemly smells!" (I might have elaborated a bit with the candles, but one can never be too cautious with four kids, two pets, and a husband. And a bunch of people about to come over. I'm just being honest.)

I shared with The Man tonite that I need to come up with something original, funny, something inspiring to post. And I have to do it quick. Like by the day after tomorrow! Nothing like a little pressure to get a girl's heart racing. My man gave me some advice. He suggested going for truisms. Maybe share a story about one of the kids. Poll friends and relatives. All sound advice. I now know (at least a tiny bit) how Jerry Seinfeld feels! All this pressure to come up with something great. I feel like China in '01 when they were awarded the 08.08.08 Olympics!

Phew. I'm in such a frenzy I made The Man go buy me a coffee. Yeah, it's 9:00 at night. It's an emergency. You all know how I don't sleep the night before a big party. There's too much to do. My house might be FLY, but my blog needs some extra moth balls. And maybe one of those awesome inexpensive Home Trends candles from WalMart in my favorite Hazelnut Creme scent. (Because we FLY around here, but we're also gazelle intense with budgeting for special events.)

Don't you worry. I'll be up tonite working on it. And I look forward to meeting some new friends! And revisiting with some old ones! See you Thursday!
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