Saturday, August 23, 2008


Got your attention. Didn't I?

Yes, originally I was planning a post called: A Little Light in the Darkness. That's because, on Thursday, as I basked in the glory known so suitably as 'comment crack' at my BAThW party, our faithful canine friend Riley (posted about here) passed away. T took it the hardest. (Well, he and Daddy.)

Today, after having yet another (real life) party for Pookie last night (Happy 7th, Baby!) and a party today for my mom (Happy 65, Mom!), we suddenly decided it was the perfect day to go buy a new dog. So, we made the 75 minute trek into the country to the current home where our next little cuppa sweetness has lived the first 8 weeks of his young life. We prayed as we left the driveway that God would pick our friend for us and that He would make His choice clear. We also discussed possible names. Considering the current infatuation with Star Wars that the whole family (read: two 7 year-olds and one 4 year-old) has undertaken, we could do no less than a name like Obi-Wan, right? There were two dogs left from the litter. Both boys. Two chose one and one chose the other. The one who chose alone was T. And he wanted the one that most resembled Riley. Actually, he wanted to name the puppy Riley, but we discussed that and reasoned why it wouldn't work.

With stoic resolve, T insisted he could live with the decision to bring the blonde one home. "I'll just choose the next time, Mom." His eyes already starting the tell-tale transition to red at the rims. Um, Buddy. Next time will be in, like, 13+ years.

Thanks to a little sweet talking. From me. And my mother-in-law. We are now the proud owners of Obi.
And Luke.

How could it have gone any other way?

I already look exhausted, don't I?

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