Monday, August 11, 2008

Too Many Options

Ever have too many things you think are worth blogging about that you can't decide which one is worthy to be placed conspicuously on the web and into the eyes and sights of the people inside your computer?

Or have you ever just grown a little bit tired of your own bloggy thoughts, so spent days looking at and commenting on others' wise words to the neglect of your own pages?

That's kind of where I am now. I'd like to share my pet peeve of word identification with you in ways that are sure to make you laugh right off your chair. I'd like to tell you about my materialistic desire to own a camera that costs as much as my first car (which I drove to its death) yet tell about my tiring attempt to be a (somewhat) good steward of our finances (I mean, come on, I'll still shell out my share of 5 spots for a frozen coffee. That's not so stewardly. How many coffees would I have to turn down in order to save up for my camera? Hmmm. Something to ponder and consider for another post. Or not. Too depressing!) I'd like to share pictures of our trip to 6 Flags (beyond the maps) or the ones my son snapped at t-ball of his mama and his new cousin over the weekend. Or talk about how I've hit a wall with my marathon training or how my kids met their teachers tonite or...

(sigh) You know that place where all these amazingly smart, funny, witty, and cunning quips floating around in your head meets you just don't have the energy to put them into print?

Yeah. That's where I am. (insert me standing over a red dot)
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