Friday, August 15, 2008

CRASH with a little cuppa Joe

I've been keeping a secret. A deep, dark, cold little secret.

I love Icee Mochas. In case you live under a rock (no offense, if you do), an Icee Mocha is a frozen coffee drink from the Bread Co. (known as 'Panera' to some). I know, I know. It comes as a surprise that I have this small, tiny actually, little addiction to some ice, a little coffee, and a whole lot of chocolate syrup. Like that secret stash of chocolate I kept in my desk drawer at work while I ate completely healthy meals for lunch in front of all my unsuspecting co-workers (right, Pam?!). I can't help it. I'm a girl who enjoys a little sweet, caffeinated su'm su'm.

slurp, slurp

So, my real secret is a blogspot on my list of favorites. If you love some sweet caffeine, hold the I.V., then you're gonna love this sweet young family. They're cute. They're Faithful. And they're generous. Cuz every so often (read: weekly) they post a recipe on their blog on how to make a world famous coffee drink.

I'm trying to remember how I found Crash. If you read Lula's post today about Brangelina, and if you know anything about how I feel about my fellow Missourian (that Pitt fella), then throw all that out the window and know that Craig and Ash and their beautiful baby Addison are THE best combo-named couple this side of the Atlantic. And the Pacific, too. And I think Ash just recently linked up to BLATHW, so she's gonna get famous fast with her generously free lessons from the caffeine culinary school. But I was one of the first. I'm just saying. And I think where ever I discovered them insisted they actually own their own coffee shop. I could be wrong. I'll have to let Crash tell you. Go check them out.

I *heart* CRASH.

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