Sunday, August 3, 2008

Full Olympic Disclosure

So a 12 year-old told my husband, "Great Party!" I figure if we've pleased a 12 year-old boy at a Backyard Olympics Party where he's the oldest participant, then we've planned a pretty good party. I'm just sayin'.

Much fun was had by all. No kidding, at the end of the night, I had no idea what had happened. I swear I didn't drink more than one margarita, but no fooling, I had to look at pictures to see the smiling faces and realize that (I think) it was a success! I guess in full-on party mode I am focused on getting last minute finishing touches together (thanks, Mom for setting up the bubble grill and the John Phillip Sousa; BIL for taking over the flag poles; MIL for grilling those shrimp appetizers ... I never even got to try one!) And keeping the LOUD stadium horns under control and the festivities rolling and winning that silver medal in the ice cream eating contest (I'll get you next year, Mr. 12 year-old boy! --- I let him win. No, really, I did!) and getting the food out and keeping the kids out of the 250 surprise water balloons and the pies and the cupcake pop desserts and walking everyone out and...*phew.* Is it over already? Cuz I'm exhausted just typing it!

My oldest asked before the party was even over if we could do it again next year. My MIL, too, said, "This should be a yearly event." I think I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her. But I don't really remember.

Here's what I do recall (thanks to the lovely photo talents of my good friend Pam --- thanks, Pam!):

Jeff sporting his fashionable shoulder bag (HUGE thanks to Vonda for getting those done for me!) Yes, it is a kitchen towel. Go Martha! Or, in my case, Vonda!

My moment of glory (The Man said he would 'not be proud' if I won an ice cream eating contest against a 12 year-old -- pshaw!!! I'll git 'im next year! See his smug 12 year-oldness there on the left. He's scared. Real scared.) Oh, and tell your brother THANKS for signing up for the Slip'n'Slide race in your age group --- I SO would not have looked cute doing THAT event on the fly [so to speak].

Wicked (fly) slip'n'slide races.

Possible yard destruction.

LOTS of Hula Hoopin'

Tons of kids in the pool (Good Shot, E!)


cupcake pops and Toothless SK

The hour of my life spent filling 250 water balloons that were thrown (at me!) willy nilly around my yard in less than 7.36 minutes!

a candid grin (GOT him, Kara!)

More happy faces

this facial expression

and this one

Good Times. Good Times.

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