Sunday, March 29, 2009

Design to Dwell/Sell, Anyone?

Our friends and family often express amazement at how The Man and I get a notion in our head (like painting our entire house) and how quickly we tend to put these ideas into motion. Case in point, this week Lisa LaPorta on the TV show Designed to Sell mentioned her favorite paint color is English Tan. Two days later, our entire main living area is now painted in English Tan.

Well, let me back up a minute. While we're sitting around here waiting to see if the Money Pit will be ours or not, we have a bullet list of repairs to this house that need to be completed if we are to put it on the market successfully. We are diligently working to complete the list so that we will be ready. Or, even if we don't move this time around, it sure is nice to live in a house with fresh clean paint on the walls (minus Sashi's artistic marker creations or the bumps and dings created by countless light saber wars...). Knowing we needed to paint, we debated whether or not to paint the same color - several years ago I convinced The Man we needed five gallons of my color of choice at the time (a very neutral buttery cream color) - after painting and repainting portions of our main living area three times over the course of the current color, we still have two gallons left. So, the Dave Ramsey girl in me said: Paint the same color. The Nester/LaPorta/Layla part of me said: TRY ENGLISH TAN!

Here's my new favorite wall, complete with my Nester-inspired Succulents in White.

I'm still trying to decide what else to place on the shelves...I scoured my photo archives for a before (cuz, you know - when you're hot in the middle of painting your entire house in a day, you don't, like, take before pictures, you know what I'm saying?) Cuz right there in the middle of those shelves used to be a painted-on-the-wall poem (not buyer friendly) that read ...something about family and mirrors and looking into the past, the present, and the future...WOW! How quickly I forget...Anyway, I'm feeling very minimalist lately (and designing to sell...or not), so I don't want to add a lot to the shelves. But, they are definitely a little bare. ... OK, just that top one in particular. Anyone have any ideas what to add to this wall?

While I'm at it, here's a picture of my newly updated curb-appealing front porch. You know. Just in case we have to sell this place. Cuz I never, not once, ever sat out there with my glass of wine and my computer and pretended to watch my kids play in the yard. Never done that. Nope. Nope, I just did it cuz people might be driving by one day and decide they want to buy my place...and, if not, I'm enjoying it anyway...

Hope you all are living in a well-designed to dwell-in home like us!

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