Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet My Friend

The seam ripper.

I was looking at Sashi's poncho in my photos. And thinking it looked a little like a bad Mexican sombrero (and yes, those types of things are related, but this one was not hitting my Texas side in a good way). After looking at the photos from the pro (Teacups & Tadpoles), I began recalling the convo I initiated with the cutting lady at the fabric store. It went something like this:

Me: So, how do I sew this here ball stuff on? Do I sew it this way or do I sew it that way? {I demonstrated two ways on my fabric with the bally stuff}
Cutter: Well, you could do it like this. Or you could do it like this. {She demonstrated the same two ways on my fabric with the bally stuff}
Me: Ah. I see how that might work. Very good then.
And out the store I went. Much less enlightened than when I had gone in. So, I sewed it on from the inside. Making said poncho look like a corny cow-skinned lampshade from the 70's. But, not after first sewing Pookie's ball fringe stuff on and then completely removing it. Twice. Last night, I sewed Pookie's ball fringe stuffy on from the outside of the poncho (third times a charm!) - and it looks RIGHT! (Not like a bad sombrero OR a cheap lampshade OR an embarrassed zebra! --- I didn't say that...Did I?? --- No, not at all any of those things! Rather, it looks RIGHT!) So today, I spent the better part of my day ripping out the seams from Sashi's bally fringe that I had spent all night the night before sewing on with strategic accuracy. And tonite, I will be repairing said damage.

Why is it that with all things sewing, I must try, rip, try, rip, and try again? Guess that's why I own three seam rippers. (why, yes. Yes I do.) And also why I stamp. Because stamping is soooo much less time-consuming ...OR costly. (Have I told you how much it COST to make these ponchos?! Go ahead and buy yours from Teacups & Tadpoles. It's worth it, believe me!)
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