Monday, March 23, 2009

Making from Cow Hide?

Busy making. Busy making. Busy making.
What does this look like? (besides a Pioneer Woman rug...{sorry, can't find that link...})

Nope, not a rug! But, I was inspired by Teacups & Tadpoles, a woman who in real life makes beautiful things for mommies and kiddies. I wanted a poncho for my baby. But I couldn't justify the price tag. And since I got a suh-weeeet sewing machine for Christmas, I decided to try my hand at making ponchos. I went into Joann's with the idea of the cute little Red Riding Hood poncho for my cute little Sashi. But I went with Pookie. Who has a very different design sense. And she decided she, too, wanted a poncho. But not a poncho in any normal color - you know, like red. Or pink. Or normal. No. Not my Diva I mean Pookie. No, she chose this fabric for her poncho:

And, under the circumstances, that sorta meant that Sashi couldn't have just any poncho color, either. So, she got this one:

I think it makes a statement. Don't you?

But...maybe this wasn't the look I was going for...

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