Monday, March 2, 2009

plan ahead

those words make me quake. kate gosselin has them on her kitchen table.

plan ahead

as soon as i saw them sitting there the first time, i nearly turned the channel. i am not one who plans ahead. yet God placed me in a marriage with a planner. (He's got a sense of humor, doesn't He?)

well, actually i think He has a plan. Ahead of mine. far better than mine. for certain.

do you know Jesus' schedule was so predictable that His disciples knew where to find Him? do you think anyone has lived with more purpose than Christ?

i tend to be idle. i have all kinds of excuses for idleness. i'm enjoying my coffee. the kids want to watch tv. i'm tired.

God's plan is purposeful. He calls me to plan ahead. He calls me to be purposeful.

i have been absent more often lately because i am trying to be more purposeful with my life. God is working on some things in my heart that aren't for public consumption. but He is glorious in His Faithfulness to me. i need to work on my faithfulness to Him.

i think it's time to plan ahead.
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