Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break '09 & Spending

The kids have a list half a mile long of all the things they would like to do during our "St. Louis vacay." (and yes, we live in St. Louis...) I, too, have a list half a mile long of the things I would like to do (namely, a bunch of crafts that have been sitting on my to-do list fo-evah...)

  • Chuck E. Cheese's (check)
Tomorrow, we're headed to the world famous St. Louis Zoo (best zoo in the whole wide world. Believe me - I am a zoo oficianado. And It's Free. What more can a Dave Ramsey girl say?)

Now, that brings me to the envelope method of spending. My husband introduced this concept to me two weeks ago. Can I tell you how effectively it works to curtail spending? It does. Work, I mean. In a world where people believe there is something called 'good debt' (there isn't --- good debt is an oxymoron), the deBIT card actually proves (almost) as eeeeveeil as the credit card. Today, I took $18 and 2 free McD's meal coupons with us to Chuck E's (plus my driver's license, of course!). The kids played for over two hours. And they ate lunch - on the way home. And I didn't get swooned into thinking we should spend any more than that on our Chuck E. fun by their sweet little faces pressed against my bosom. No sir. No how. Nor was I able to justify popping out the ol' deBIT card to go ahead and buy one of those yummy smelling pizzas when I only planned to spend $18. Good thing I didn't have my deBIT card. Cuz $18 and two free coupons for food is plenty for a day's fun on our springly vacay. That leaves plenty in the envelope to enjoy more goodness throughout the week.

(thanks Chuck E. for the photo)

It's a relatively new concept - fiscal responsibility. Spend what you have and not a penny more. Shucks. I came home with change. Are you listening, America? Fiscal Responsibility. It's new! It's Fun! It can be done!

Off Box.

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