Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zoo, BooHoo, and WooHoo!

Day 2 - at the zoo - was lots of fun (woohoohoo!)...
then, came the call from the realtor (boohoo).
So, at the end of the day, we gave our last and final, absolute best we have to give, offer on the money pit - I mean dream house. We'll see. It's doubtful. And that's OK.

We spent $0 today at the zoo! I packed lunch and snacks, and though those burgers on the grill near the carousel made my mouth water, we decided to come home and grill burgers for dinner, instead of letting the zoo eat that $20 I'd stashed in my pocket. So, net paid out at the zoo = $0! And though I forgot to take Pookie's $10 gift certificate to the Zoo's Build-a-Bear store today (now THERE's a money pit!!! ... ), she's been promised a trip to the mall to 'spend' her free money. And I have a gift certificate to a cookie store there, too. That means we'll fill the sweet tooth, supply the desire to spend cash (also known as 'Pookie's obsession'), and actually throw ZERO dollars into the wind.

(without the BooHoo)

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