Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Before and After Pictures.

I'd say The Man has been handy with tools since we met. My mom gave this bistro set to us for our first home - a little two bedroom apartment in Midtown.

Here we are enjoying it upon its completion:

I remember I dolled up that deck for a "Clean Up Your Deck Contest" in our complex once. I so should have won --- fresh cut flowers on the table, planters bursting with herbia (I'm making that a word), and our very own mafia cat. I should've been a shoe in.

Since then, we've dolled up many a part of our house! And those improvements have ALL been at the hands of My Man. Since everyone enjoys a nice before and after shot, here are a few from My (Handy) Man.

Our Master Bath
(Oh yes. Yes, it's true.)


Why yes! Let's!

The Kids' Bath (also known as - Everyone Else's)
Oh yes. Yessir.

Can I get an "Amen!"

How 'bout one more? C'mon! You know you want to!

Here you go...
(I can't make this stuff up, people...)


Here's at least partial proof that The Man's mighty hands produced such beautiful craftsmanship!

Hey - have I told you


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