Friday, September 5, 2008

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Little House on the Prairie

Since the twins are at school all day now, Meiners started preschool in the PMs, and Baby S is down to one looooooong nap, I've been busy. Cleaning closets. Planning laundry room makeovers (thanks for the color inspiration, Emily --- and yes, it is listed in the post!), and training for this upcoming marathon. While I run on the treadmill, I am blessed to watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie on TV.

Seriously. It's awesome!

I have witnessed numerous thought-provoking moments while watching episodes and working up a sweat downstairs. I recently hopped off the treadmill and wrote down a bunch of quotes and ideas --- because you never know when a blog post is going to be born! And on the treadmill watching Little House, it was.

One particular episode titled The Richest Man in Walnut Grove inspired this blog post. Briefly, Charles and Caroline were in debt to the Olsens for goods purchased on credit at the store. Mrs. Olsen was an old bitty to Caroline about the debt and the Ingalls family decided to pay off the debt in full and to no longer buy anything on credit. In their attempts to pay off the debt, the whole family worked together: Pa took odd jobs, Ma planted more potatoes to sell, Mary took on a sewing job, Laura picked up Mary's assignments and extra the end of the show, of course they paid their debt, and Mr. Olsen praised Charles' family, saying Charles was the richest man in Walnut Grove.

My husband and I have renewed vigor to live debt free. We are fortunate to be in a situation where we can go forward with our plan. We have begun to teach the children what it means to save for something they desire, versus whining to have Mommy buy it right now! They are tithing and saving and I hope one day it will be a blessing to them, to have been taught these skills. It's not something taught in our public schools. And it's not a lifestyle taught in many a public format in today's USA.

So, tonite, I encourage you to re-consider the tales of Laura Ingalls. A time when the PTA set a goal of earning $27.50 for books and necessary supplies --- and those ladies thought THAT was a large sum!

Pookie and I started reading this series together this week. And I started taping the episodes for her. Something a little weightier than Who Miley's Chasing This Week or What Teen Popstar Group Traveled Where This Time shows and movies she's been engrossed with lately. Where the messages are just a little too old for my now-7 year-old sass bucket.

Give it a shot. I have a follow-up post coming later this weekend.

Until then,

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