Monday, September 22, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

Cuz My Husband Rocks!

My Man and I married for better or for worse 10 years ago on October 4th! Believe me, we've kind of been 'through it all' in a decade - though I know there is much more to come! I pray that we continue to be blessed. But when God allows - not authors, but allows - rain to fall, I pray that we continue singing like birds in a downpour!

In the (10) days to come, I plan to honor the man my husband has become by sharing some of his awesomeness here on my blog. I joke that he isn't the same man I married --- and in truth, he isn't. He's much, much more. God put me on a fabulous path with a wonderful man. Join me in looking back at who he's become...

My Man: Then

My Man: Now

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