Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Last Halloween Post

...for now, at least!

I just returned from my second class in two days at For Keeps Sake (I didn't name my favorite paper store on the blog Saturday in the event there might be blogstalkers out there...haha, um hehe, um, ok, not joking...

Regardless, I enjoyed myself tremendously! And I FINALLY found a real life person who blogs and doesn't think I have two heads and a tail growing out my nose...at least, I don't think she thinks so anyway...

AND she's super talented! See what I made at Missy's classes??



And just one last Halloween decoration photo. Two of my favorite decorations! I saw these hat boxes last year at a candy shop in St. Charles but left them behind. When I returned to buy them, they were gone!! I've since thought of them and dreamt I'd bought them and thought of them again. (I don't think I'm obsessive. Do you?) I saw them in a magazine - everything else was for sale in the magazine, but not the boxes! So, the first chance I had to look at the candy store again this year, I did. And I'm glad!

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