Sunday, September 21, 2008


The only political discussion I remember as a child was when I was in the second grade and we voted Carter or Reagan within our school. Carter won. Fortune tellers we were not.

The next political talks I recall were for the Hancock Amendment in college. Those in favor had us believing they'd take away football AND the music department if we didn't get it passed.

I swear I married a Democrat. He says once he saw the take-home pay of his first real job, he hasn't looked back. I remember when the twins were 3 and Meiners was in a carseat, we visited the headquarters here in our fair town, and my husband taught the kids to chant: "4 more years" as we walked into the building. Today we took the kids to the Republican Picnic.

The highlights from the day included meeting PearlHeart (remember Nashville Stars?).

Our fashion diva

The Canine Twins

And taking a bite out of a little Midwestern Americana. The facts of the race this year are remarkable. And make me a little nauseated, actually. I'm praying for our country and its people - daily - but especially for the next 44 days. We face a monumental decision that can lead our country into one of two entirely different directions, depending upon the conclusion.

Be smart. Get informed.

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